Radio on the Internet

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Your Auto-Lektor comes pre-programmed with a list of radio stations in your locality or language or both, so that you can listen to talk shows, information pieces, radio theatre or music straight away.

However, if you would like us to add other stations to the list, simply let us know – we’ll add them to the central list, and the next time you update the list of stations, they’ll be there – for you and everyone else!


Here is a list of the different pages you can go to on the Web, to find the stations you would like to listen to.

Each Auto-Lektor comes pre-loaded with Internet radio stations, some of which will be local services available in your country; if you find other stations that you like, we can add them to the list of available stations, and the new stations will be added to your Auto-Lektor the next time you are connected to the Internet.