Gathering Information Sources and Building a Library

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al1Everything you scan or read or import to the Auto-Lektor can be saved to the local hard drive, or transferred to a CD or DVD, or transferred to a USB storage device, or emailed. So no matter how you’d like to organise your library of reading, Auto-Lektor can help.

If you decide to use Auto-Lektor’s hard drive, with USB or CD/DVD as a backup medium, you can organise your reading into folders using the BraillePen or an external PC keyboard; once you have constructed your folders, you can save to them at any time, and then back up the files to an external medium.

If you use a USB-capable device such as your phone or a dedicated reading device such as the Milestone, for reading on the go, you can transfer directly from Auto-Lektor, using one of Auto-Lektor’s USB ports; in fact, you can read from one USB device and then save to another.


Storing and backing up your reading material

If you decide that you will store your library on the Auto-Lektor’s hard drive, you are also able to make a second copy of each file, by using the „write to CD or DVD” capability. Each DVD or CD that you begin writing to with Auto-Lektor is made as a multi-session disk, so that you can write to it many times; so you can keep a backup CD or DVD, and save files to it at the same time as you are saving to the working folder on the hard drive.